Poland to Adapt iGaming Legislation, But Just How Much?

Poland is adapting its legislation, however there are still vital stakeholders in the market in need of relief.


The excellent: Poland has actually revamped its gambling and poker laws to consist of online slots. The still troublesome: there is still no sign of badly needed tax breaks for in your area certified  gambling operators.

Online Slots Widen

Last Monday, the Poland Ministry of Finance showed its desire to allow operators to provide free slots, as long as they abide by responsible gambling arrangements which protect consumers.

Land-based Slots

Land-based slots will be licensed by the Ministry of Finance to be administered by a yet unspecified entity under the auspices of a state monopoly. The Ministry mentions the addictiveness of the slots as the basis for restricting land-based operations to "dedicated locations under control."

Poker Time

The Ministry will loosen constraints on online and too, in addition to land-based online games no more relegated to only the nation's existing land-based gambling establishments. This will permit playing  home and in public establishments, practices which have actually been strictly prohibited previously, according to borderline severe policies which the federal government is preparing to lift with the brand-new legislation.


The Polish  market will safeguard versus unlicensed foreign operations serving Polish consumers through existing standard IP- and payment-blocking systems, while guaranteeing "more severe consequences" for non-compliant operators.

Operators Still Confused

The Ministry offered no upgrade relating to anticipated modifications to the nation's gambling taxes, with betting operators currently subjected to a 12% tax on turnover.

Tax Distribution

The proposed gaming tax is thought to seek a brand-new 20% levy on  betting revenue, with 10% of that revenue dispersed to the Polish Olympic Committee (7%) and gambling dependency assistance companies (3%).

First of the Year

Additional revisions have actually been sent to appropriate branches of federal government for their approval here. The Ministry did say they should they anticipate all modifications in their completed kind to take effect on January 1, 2017.

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